What is RESTART-19?

RESTART-19 is a scientific study of the University Medical Center Halle (Saale) in which the risk of infection of COVID-19 during large indoor events will be simulated. A concert simulation with 3 different scenarios and a total of 4000 test persons in the QUARTERBACK Immobilien ARENA will be conducted.

Scenario 1 simulates an event with 4000 visitors and an event sequence, just as before the beginning of the pandemic.

In scenario 2, 4000 visitors will be admitted to the QUARTERBACK Real Estate ARENA, but according to an optimized hygiene concept and significantly larger distances between the participants.

In scenario 3, a distance of 1.5m will be maintained on the spectator stands. During this scenario only about 2000 test persons will be involved. During the individual scenarios, Tim Bendzko will give a concert in order to depict spectator behavior as realistically as possible. The arrival and departure by tram will also be simulated.