Dear participants,

There are a few days left until our venue. So that you know what is going to happen during the venue, here is an overview for you.

There will be fabulous entertainment from the Leipzig handball stars, three concerts from Tim Bendzko as well as delicious culinary delights. And all of this in a scientific setting! Of course everything is free of charge for you.

08:00 O’clock Start of Check-In

10:00 O’clock Entrance to the Arena

11:00 O’clock 1. Concert

12:15 O’clock Pause: Meet & Greet with Leipzig handball stars, culinary delights

12:50 O’clock Culinary delights in the Arena

13:50 O’clock 2. Concert

15:00 O’clock Pause: Handball Triathlon, culinary delights, and much more!

16:00 O’clock Entrance to the Arena

17:00 O’clock 3. Concert

18:00 O’clock Venue Ends

Participants arriving at the Park & Ride car parks should check in there and then will be taken to the arena by special trams. The rides are free of charge.

All registered participants will be served coffee, tea and a mini-breakfast before the first entrance. Nobody should have to start the day hungry.

During the breaks between the concerts, the participants can meet the personally met the athletes of SC DHfK Handball Team on the open spaces around the arena and participate in a handball triathlon together with them. Free snacks and drinks are available at the stands around the arena. Our partners will make sure that you will feel comfortable during the breaks.

At the end of the second and third scenario, separate trams will be available again to take you back directly to your Park & Ride parking lot. Our helpers will guide you to the right trams.



Do I have to be at the check in at 8:00?

Check-in takes place between 08:00 and 10:00 o’clock. The earlier you arrive, the more relaxed you will be in starting you day. Please take into account that it will take you 20-30 minutes to drive from the Park & Ride car parks to the arena. The first 2000 participants will receive tickets for all 3 scenarios/concerts. All participants who register later will receive tickets for two concerts.

Can I arrive at a different check-in point?

No, that is not possible. The tracers are precisely counted at the individual check-in points. Please send us a mail a few days before if you want to change your check-in point. 

Do I have to pay for food and drinks myself?

No, we provide you with free snacks and drinks all day long. You do not have to leave the area.

Will all participants take part in all three concerts?

The first two scenarios/concerts are intended for all participants. The third scenario/concert is then only for 2000 participants. The rule is: First come, first serve! The first 2000 participants who complete the check-in process on the venue day will also receive tickets for the 3rd concert. All participants who appear after that will receive tickets for two concerts. However, they will have the opportunity to strengthen themselves after the second scenario and take part in the programs during the breaks.

What if I have to leave the event earlier?

This is no problem; you can leave the event at any time. Please report to the info point at the arena and return your tracer. If you still have tickets for the third scenario, please return them, this will make the other participants happy.


How does it work with SARS-CoV-2 testing?

You will receive a package from us about 7 days before the venue. In this package you will find a smear kit, detailed instructions on how to take a smear, packaging materials for the return shipment, and information on how to return the sample. On August 20th you must take the smear test in the morning and pack it according to our instructions. You have the possibility to hand in the test at one of our collection points (our recommendation!) or return it by mail.

What are these collection points and where are they located?

Collection points are places organized by us where you can drop off your Covid Test and we will then take it to the laboratory for you. This option is a very safe way to ensure that your smear results are actually available on the day of the venue. We recommend all participants to choose this option if possible. We will set up three collection points in Leipzig and two in Halle.

The collection points in Leipzig:

  • Quarterback Immobilien Arena Leipzig, Am Sportforum 2, 04105 Leipzig 8:00 – 20:00
    Der The meeting point is in the parking lot. You can just drop the test off from the car.
  • SC DHfK Office, Schletterstraße 10a, 04107 Leipzig

Institute of Virology, University Hospital Leipzig, Johannisallee 30, Haus J, 04103 Leipzig

The collection points in Halle:

  • Main Entrance of the University Hospital Halle, Ernst-Grube Str. 40, 01620 Halle
  • Main Entrance of the Medical-Campus Steintor, Magdeburger Str. 20, 06112 Halle

How does it work if I send my smear by mail?

You pack your swab according to the enclosed instructions and then put it in a mailbox (observe the emptying times!). We will pay the postage. Please make sure that you post the smear as early as possible.

How safe is it if I send my sample by mail?

We have designed the packaging and addressing in such a way that disruptions in postal dispatch are minimized. Nevertheless, it may happen that individual items do not arrive on time. In this case, participation is not possible.

Are there other alternatives?

You can also send your smear with an express or courier service (e.g. DHL Express), then your shipment will be very safe with us on the next day. Please make sure that the address is correct. However, you would have to pay the shipping costs yourself!

Can I also submit my own test?

Yes, we also accept tests from other laboratories. However, the report must be written in German or English and must indicate the exact date of collection. This must not be before 20.8.2020. Unfortunately, we cannot reimburse you for the costs of tests carried out independently.